Over the next 4 months, our church will be going through a process of Recalibration. We will be temporarily halting our small groups or missional communities that meet throughout the week. Instead, we will be meeting for Recalibrate on Sundays at 5:00 pm beginning, Sunday May 5th.

Why Recalibrate? Our tendency as believers is to wander from God if we are not diligent to keep our eyes on Him. This is a time for us to re-focus our attentions and our actions God-ward, a time to help us concentrate our wandering eyes & hearts on Him , so that we can become a church translating the gospel into action and ultimately fruitfulness.

 Here are our three main goals for Recalibrate:

1) Gospel - We’re taking a time to saturate ourselves with Jesus and His Gospel so that we learn and adopt patterns of life, in which all of life—every part —is lived fully for God’s glory, including the life of the church. We want to be a church where our doctrine and our practice best reflects God’s desire for His people as revealed in Scripture.

2) Community- We are reorienting our idea of what church and community is all about. Many times we can go to church with the goal of personal growth, but forget that we play a crucial role in the growth of the church as a whole. We can oftentimes approach church as an extra side dish on our plate, and sometimes it is hard to know how to fit it in. But we need to realize that the church is not an appetizer, or side dish, or even the main course, it is the group of people we eat the meal with.

If we are in Christ, we are part of His body - the Church. We need to be focused not only on our own growth but the growth of our brothers and sisters in Christ, by serving and caring for one another.

3) Mission - We’re seeking to be more kingdom minded – to be focused on God’s mission for His Church, to make disciples with a renewed focus on reaching those who do not yet trust in Christ and belong to His family.

Please join us in prayer, that God would do a work in our hearts, to help us repent of our wandering, to help us see the brilliant beauty of the Gospel like never before, so that we would bear much fruit for His glory.