The vision

For too long, theological education has been divorced from the local church. Men and women have been sent off to faraway places to study in ivory towers when the work of the gospel happens through blood, sweat, and tears in the streets of our cities, in the family of God’s people, the church. The training of potential pastors, planters, and missionaries is best done in the context of the local church. Imagine an internship that is a part of a vibrant, local community in an important college town. Where ministers are trained, leaders are raised up and church planters are sent out. Envision the Karis Internship.

The mission

The mission of the Karis Internship is to train leaders in the Gospel in the context of the local church through theological instruction, hands on ministry experience, and intentional shepherding by the leaders in the church. The supreme goal of this internship being the fulfillment of the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to follow after Jesus.  May God's Glory be magnified.

the components

Learn. Interns will participate in Karis LEAD School for the length of the internship. LEAD School is a once a month class where Interns and other leaders within Karis learn about practical/theological topics such as church discipline, counseling, membership processes, atonement, keeping the Gospel central, etc. In addition, interns will read through theologically-rich books and hold frequent discussions about their readings amongst the other interns. In addition, Karis Church is a part of the Midwestern Training Network. Students can receive a full, accredited masters degree without ever leaving Karis or Columbia.

Lead. According to their gifting, interns will be given opportunities to lead in a variety of contexts within Karis. This may include, but is not limited to, (for male interns) preaching at a Leader Lab, leading a Missional Community; (for all interns), teaching a class, managing projects, directing volunteers on Sundays at the Gathering, developing new ministries in the community, and most importantly, discipling Karis members to replace the intern’s position at the conclusion of the internship.

Serve. Interns will be expected to serve the church and the elders above and beyond the normal expectations of Karis members. This includes expanded service responsibilities on Sundays; regular administrative tasks; and other duties as assigned by elders.

Team. Interns meet weekly with the elders and other staff. In general these meetings provide an atmosphere for Interns to more fully understand the intricate behind the scenes workings of the local Church. Also included in these meetings are brainstorming sessions, prayer, updates, encouragement, and going through the calender to discuss major Karis events. Besides the weekly staff meetings, interns are frequently able to connect with each other and other staff in order to team up and garner the resources and aid they need to be successful in all of their tasks.

Questions about the Karis Internship?

Contact Internship Director and Executive Pastor, Rob Gaskin.

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